Dec 5, 2011

Luke... CHHHH... I am your Voltswagon

So this type of commercial isn't really my style: big name brand, fuzzywuzzycute commercial, idealized family, well known, etc.  But it's just too good to ignore.

The perfect combination of funny, cute, and no doubt any parent with an imaginative child will find it easy to relate to.  Great job with branding Voltswagon!  I'm proud of you.

Jennifer Aniston's Sex Tape!

The making of Jennifer Aniston's Sex Tape!
Well ok, not really.  It's actually a viral video for smart water, ingeniously made to make fun of the typical viral video.  In it, Jennifer says 'I can't just tell you this tastes better.  Evidently, I have to make it a virus.'  She runs through a list of things that make videos popular: puppies, babies, a swift kick to the family jewels, double rainbows, and even a little sex appeal.

We'll see how viral it gets, but according to the rules of the internet, it's bound to rack up quite an impressive view count. 

Nov 21, 2011

See What I Made?

Look! My first ad!  All by myself! (I'm still sort of working on my artistic skills) but you can see the concept and EVERYTHING! :)  See more of this series on my website!

It Must Be Whisky Week

By: KK Outlet UK, 2009
In relation to my previous blog post about Babies & Whisky, here's another campaign about whisky.  Why no more babies?  Because between my last post and the e-trade baby I think I've seen more than enough.  
Released in 2009, these advertisements for J&B Whisky make quite a cool statement.  In my oppinion the logo and text needs better integration & sizing.  It seems to be a clear case of artists vs. marketers where the artists won out.  Balance guys, balance.  
But still... bravo artists.

Babies & Whisky! (+chocolate)

I can't decide if it's more funny than adorable or vise versa.  These adorable advertisements for chocolate with whisky made me fall in love... and anytime the viewer falls in love, it's good news for the product. I get the same happy feeling from these advertisements that I get from chocolates (and whisky).  Job well done advertisement! Thanks for the laughs.

Nov 7, 2011

Speaking of France...

France Vs. Brittan
A good friend introduced this advertisement to me recently and I was surprised I hadn't seen it already.  It's such a fantastic interplay between these two cultural figures.  What a smart move to emphasize the national pride of both France and Brittan in a way which created the association of "if you love your country, you will buy this car."  While American car companies play the "American made car" game by themselves, both France and Brittan upped the anti by directly challenging each other, creating an argument for the viewer to take a side on.  I believe this commercial would truly generate some passionate sparks.  Imagine how it would have gone over had it been America vs Britain?

Air France Flies Beautifully

This advertisement aired in France for the airline Air France. The success of a similar commercial airing in the US is doubtful.  It's slow-moving, artistic concept would quickly bore American viewers used to much quicker paced, action-filled, ads. The difference in what attracts different cultures of consumers to buy fascinates me.  I would love to one day travel to Europe in hopes that I could gain perspective for different cultures and what moves their people.  The Air France commercial is absolutely beautiful but so unlike anything I've seen.  It really just tells me how much more I have to learn about advertising to all people.