Sep 12, 2011

Nokia N8 Ad

A couple years ago I ran across this advertisement for the Nokia N8 phone.  It has held first place on my list of favorite ads ever since, so I think it's appropriate that I put it as one of my first posts on this new blog.
The storyline behind this advertisement is absolutely fantastic and it's execution is even better.
It follows this process:
Idea -> Attempt -> Problem -> Brainstorm -> Solution -> Success
But what's so amazing is that it manages to follow this process through 10 different technological scenerios, without using words to directly tell the story, without being visually complicated, and all in just 1 minute.

To do this, the commercial relied mostly on sound effects and quick visuals.
The visuals are fantastic: first person perspective, perfect use of color, clear focus on important objects, comfortable transitions, and smooth (but subtle) camera panning that allows the viewer to feel pulled in.

But the audio is by far my favorite element. It perfectly utilizes the power of sound to give the commercial interest, rhythm, flow, and a fresh feel even before the music starts.  The clicks and beeps set up a high-tech feel and provide an intro so the actual music doesn't simply start blaring.  The music is cued in right as the characters begin to be successful which gives the viewer an uplifting feel and allows the commercial to move towards its close. 

The voice over that is included instead gives an inspired feel to the commercial.
A woman's voice-over is clear, unique, and emphasizes the consonants to perfectly match with the clicks and beeps that are placed alongside.
She says:
"It's not technology. It's what you do with it.
That's what really impresses us.
Makes us laugh out loud. Or wonder, how do they do that?
Hampster powered phone charger...
The Nokia N8, what will you do with it?"

Just... perfect.
I could write many more pages about it, but after all, this is a blog.  I should probably cut it short.

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