Oct 24, 2011

Everything's Funny With Little Kids

Trigon Hospital - Blue Cross Blue Shield
Hilarious! But does the humor really advertise the hospital well? Including a child definitely taps into pathos and the humor grabs attention, but is it at the risk of ethos?  How credible does the viewer believe this hospital really is after hearing a child's silly account? Also, how well does it incorporate the brand?

I don't believe the viewer would watch this their first time and automatically associate the child with Trigon Hospital.  In fact, even after a 2nd or 3rd watch the brand still is very unknown.  A watermark in the bottom corner could have been their first step to remedy this, but it might have been even more effective if the child was sitting in a hospital waiting-room.  At least it would have created an association to a general hospital. 

But the humor is undeniably fantastic.  So enjoy!

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  1. Love this commercial - did it play on TV?