Sep 12, 2011

What Brand Am I?

The enormously popular colorful pieces of Skittles candy are not only delicious, they’re surprising.  Skittles unique flavors and colors pop out from the candy crowd and as of recently, so has their brand. After re-designing their facebook page and homepage, skittles has begun to establish a brand personality that may be even more likable than the little candies themselves. They send out promotions, ads, wall posts, and tweets packed with a personality that seems to be stolen right from their flavors. My love for this zany, eye-catching brand goes deeper than just appreciation. I find myself relating to their attitude on a consistent basis.
So exactly what does their personality taste like? & How do i taste in comparison?
Skittles  vs.   Me 
High Energy  
Skittles: Their energy can be obviously seen through brand colors, font choices, and the exploding design of their logo.
Me: “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” seems to govern my lifestyle as I often find myself jumping from one event to another.  
Skittles: This Skittles gif reads “Touch the rainbow” with an arrow saying "hold your finger here" pointing to a skittle.  The skittle counts down to a surprise: Skittles Countdown Arrow
Me: As one of my fb posts reads:
“Successfully ambushed Claire Hackett outside of cobeen today using Nerf Guns and the help of Rubber Ducky aka: Tyler T Tylerson.  All out war was quick to follow.”  

Skittles: Their recent facebook post saying...
“When it rains Skittles, it pours rainbows.” a pretty clever idea.
Me: Is this conceited to claim? 

Skittles: I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen a skittles tree before, but It’s a pretty new thing to me:
Me: I find myself drawn to the most exotic things available.
Last year? Fencing. This year? Who knows. 

Skittles: The skittles home page is gushing with colors and vibrant images.  Atypical organization and unrelated imagery cooperate to grab at the senses in a way that other companies may be afraid to do. 
Me: I do a variety of tricks with the jet ski at my cabin, I’ve jumped into a frozen lake after a 200 degree sauna, and I’ve climbed to the top of a cliff alone with no harness or support.  And I have yet to be scared to do something.

Most brands and people often lack bravery, energy, and uncensored playfulnes which makes it rare to see a company take those elements to the extreme.  Some may argue that both Skittles and I have a lack of professionalism, but I'm going to go out on a limb to say society wouldn't be nearly as excited to participate in professionalism, as they would be to participate in fun.

So to all those uptight companies and plane-jane people out there, I dare you to taste the rainbow.

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